Signs Its Time To Hire A Professional Fireplace Repair Services

By September 3, 2020 October 5th, 2020 Fireplace Repair
Fireplace Repair Services

The fireplace provides a feeling of homeliness. It gets rid of the chilly air so you can enjoy its warmth with your family. But to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace all season long, professional cleaning and maintenance are important.

In case your fireplace shows any of the below signs, the faster you call professional fireplace repair services, the better.

Fireplace repair services4 Signs That You Need Professional Fireplace Repair Services

Excessive Buildup of Creosote

Does your fireplace emit a distinctive smoky smell after use? If yes, then that’s due to creosote build-up. This excessive build-up needs to be cleaned immediately as it can lead to chimney fires. Apart from the fire, the smoky-smell also causes health problems.

Broken Pieces of Mortar

Most of the fireplaces are made of brick and mortar. If you notice cracking or crumbling of mortar in your fireplace, it indicates the presence of moisture. Call up professional fireplace repair services to mend the broken mortars before the whole fireplace crumbles.

White Staining on the Fireplace

If your bricks in the fireplace have a coat of white powder, it shows the sign of moisture within the bricks. The white-powder are salts that have been pushed out of masonry due to the presence of moisture. Get professional fireplace repair services immediately when you notice the white-powder coating on your fireplace.

Corroded Fireboxes And Dampers

Metal is the prime element in fireplace boxes and dampers, which corrodes when in the company of moisture. The presence of moisture in the firebox or chimney is the sign of many other troubles. In case of a hefty amount of corrosion, seek professional aid to locate and repair the cause of moisture.

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