Is Gas Fireplace Heating Really Energy Efficient For Your Home?

By May 29, 2020 Fireplace Repair
Is Gas Fireplace Heating Really Energy Efficient For Your Home

Gas fireplaces are an exciting choice among all other fireplaces by people. The natural gas inserts and freestanding stoves maintain the indoor air quality and keep your home clean. Moreover, the gas fireplace creates less outdoor pollution compared to a wood-burning fireplace.

The energy efficiency of the gas fireplace is about 50 to 90 percent. While a wood-burning fireplace offers only 10 to 30 percent efficiency. So, learn here the facts that answer the question of is gas fireplace heating actually energy efficient for your home.

Reasons why gas fireplace heating provides the best energy efficiency

  1. Gas fireplaces can produce the actual flames and heat the room quickly. Also, it gives a more realistic look compared to a wood fireplace.
  2. The gas fireplaces use between 7000 and 16,000 BTUs, which are around 70 to 90% efficient in converting energy to heat. 
  3. The main benefit is you can turn down a thermostat of the gas fireplace, and still, the room can stay warm.
  4. Gas fireplaces are a more environmentally friendly model in comparison with other types of fireplaces.
  5. The use of furnaces can be reduced in gas fireplaces, as they become hot quickly.

    Gas Fireplace Heating

  6. These fireplaces are mainly considered as safe, but the glass doors of the fireplace become hot quickly. So, many units come with a gas shut-off valve for safety.
  7. Gas is a non-renewable energy resource. It releases some particles in the atmosphere while burning. But, it does not produce harmful levels of CO2 gas and so considered as a clean-burning source.
  8. A gas fireplace can convert 90% of energy level into heat, so it is considered very efficient. Also, the resale value of your home can be increased after using a gas fireplace.

Do You Want To Install A Gas Fireplace In Your Home?

We have learned all the important advantages related to gas fireplace heating efficiency above. Also, there are little cons for this fireplace like in terms of cost. The cost of running a gas fireplace is $60 per year, while a wood fireplace is $25 per year. 

The cost of purchase and installation of a gas fireplace is more. If you want to get cost-effective and best professional fireplace repair and maintenance services, then Castle Rock Heating and Air is the ultimate choice. To get a free quote, call us at  (303) 798-0035 or follow our Facebook page to know more details for our services.