How To Replace A Gas Fireplace Thermocouple?

By March 12, 2020 April 20th, 2020 Fireplace Repair
How To Replace A Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a heat-sensitive device that transmits a small electrical signal to the gas valve. It is placed on your gas furnace. It keeps the gas valve open by transmitting the electric signal when the pilot is on. Mainly, the thermocouple lasts for 10 years. But, when it fails, the pilot does not lit up and so the fireplace stops working.

So, a thermocouple is an important device in the functioning of a fireplace. If it stops working, then the fireplace also shuts up. However, it is easy to replace a gas fireplace thermocouple with a wrench tool. But, it is advisable to test your thermocouple once, before replacement.

Test The Thermocouple Before You Replace

If you cannot lit up the pilot, then there are chances that your thermocouple is faulty. But, testing it again with a voltmeter is a good step. Set the meter on millivolts reading. Then take 2 probes, and hold one probe on the metal copper tube. This metal copper tube is connected from the gas valve to the pilot orifice.


Also, place the other probe on the connector that holds the thermocouple tube up to the gas valve. Keep the helper light of the pilot on. Now, maintain the valve under control to heat the thermocouple probe. If your thermocouple is working, then within 10 seconds after the pilot starts you will get 25 millivolts reading on the voltmeter. If you get less reading than 25 or no reading, then it is necessary to replace your thermocouple.

Step-by-Step Procedure To Replace A Gas Fireplace Thermocouple

Step 1: Use a wrench tool to unscrew the connector. Because this connector holds the thermocouple to the gas valve.


Step 2: Unhook the probe from its clip. Then pull out the entire thermocouple assembly. But, before pulling it turn off the line valve on the gas supply.

Step 3: Take the removed thermocouple to the hardware store. There are many styles available in it. Purchase the one that matches your thermocouple.

Step 4: Replace the new thermocouple with the help of a probe. Fix a probe back into the clip and hold it at a proper distance from the pilot flame. Screw the other end into the gas valve.

Step 5: Light the pilot, and check whether the flame stays lit up. If the flame does not stay on for long, then move the probe slightly closer to the flame.

Looking To Hire The Professional Fireplace Repair Services?

The above procedure to replace a gas fireplace thermocouple can be used if you have tools and equipment at home. But, again there are chances that you get hurt if you are not experienced in this operation.

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